What printing Styles do you offer?

Not all printing is created equally. Although some of our designs are conceived with a certain printing style in mind, many of the printing types can be interchangeable with some of the designs in our collection. Invitations with many ink colors are typically only offered using flat printing. For letterpress or thermograpy, it is recommended you keep the design to one or two colors. Some of the extra thick papers will only be able to be letterpressed. Reversely, some of the lighter weight papers only work well with flat printing or thermography. See below for more info on the different styles below.

Screen Shot 2019-01-29 at 12.03.47 AM.png

How many invitations should I order?

It's always safe count up the number of invitations you will need to send out and add 10-15% in order to account for some people you may have forgotten and keepsakes for albums or scrapbooks.

Will you address the envelopes for us?

Sure, we’d be happy to! If you send us an Excel document with all of the addresses we will print with fonts to match the invitation. This fee will be figured into the final cost. We can also get you in touch with a calligrapher if you'd like to go that route. Click here to see an example of an Excel format.