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First, we get to know a little more about each other at a meeting, which can either take place in person or via phone. Here, we’ll gain a better understanding of your business, your style, clientele and audience you wish to attract, how you will use your logo and marketing pieces etc.

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Based on the concepts we’ve discussed at our meeting, we will design and submit an initial presentation of logo ideas for your review. Then, we’ll gather your feedback and will make revisions accordingly and send over the next round of designs.

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Once we’ve perfected the logo design to your satisfaction, we’ll begin to put together the remainder of your marketing pieces based on the look we’ve established. Depending on the package and complexity of work you’ve hired us to do, we’ll work up a brand guide that outlines fonts, colors, patterns etc. This guide will help all future marketing materials to keep a consistent, cohesive look.We can also work on any other material layouts such as business cards, stationery and letterhead and packaging.



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